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Assistance PSA
All the information you need in a single platform, online and offline. PSA Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available On Premise and SaaS, the choice is yours!
$39.00 per month
Assistance Software
AvePoint Record Rollback
The AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves user productivity, eases customer interactions, and helps organizations collaborate with confidence while growing revenue and impact. The Productivity Suite includes telephone integration for automated activity logging, search across all Dynamics CRM assets, quick recovery or roll-back of records that were accidentally deleted or modified, and the ability to add tags to all entity records.s
$8.00 per month
Tagging for MS CRM
xRM Consultancy’s Tagging solution allows users to ‘tag’ any record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with either their own tags or previously entered tags. It can be configured so that only a predefined set of tags can be used however the normal set up is that anyone can contribute to the tag ‘catalogue’. User’s simply enter a word or phrase they wish to tag a record with. As they start typing existing tag matches are automatically displayed for users to select, and if no match is found the user’s new tag is added to the Tag ‘catalogue’ Try for FREE and get up to 250 Tag connections before paying for a license.
xRM Consultancy
Data Manipulation Framework
OneWorldSIS is an enterprise level, activity based solution designed to help Administrators, Staff, Faculty, and Students better track and manage all facets of the educational process. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM Development Platform, the underlying, extendable, activity based technology can automatically generate, manage, and track processes through the entire Student Lifecycle. By allowing K-12, Traditional, Higher, Executive Education and Continuing organizations enter and share information in one activity based database, accessible through any operating system with a seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, OneWorldSIS greatly increases end user productivity while delivering real time, actionable information.
$50.50 per month
CRM Rules 2013
CRM Rules 2013 Basic Package lets you easily configure dynamic form behavior by simply entering your criteria into the CRM Rules forms.
Visionary Software
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