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Provides a complete Sales Force Automation solution from contact to contract.
Our solution allows you to streamline and automate your sales and marketing processes to enable your marketing team to generate more leads that are better qualified leads. It also helps your sales teams work, allowing them to spend more efficiently and spend more time selling.
Ensuring that your sales force has a consistent and proven sales methodology supported by innovative productivity tools will help your team achieve measurable sales results.

•Easily Configure Quote and Opportunity

• Create a PDF Quote in one click, Quote Configurator, Manage Quotes, Orders & Invoices. Quote approval process.

• Manage Product relationships with product families and product pack, Relationship Charts graph.

• Improved pipeline management.

• Automatic Opportunity probability and revenue update according to sales stage.

• View your opportunities by region and commercial using Bing maps. View your customers around the globes using Bing maps.

• Manage your own product catalogue.

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Additional Terms
Perpetual Annual Subscription Monthly Subscription 
 Server for SFA Advanced Perpetual$4,543.50IncludedIncluded
 Up to 5 users$292.50 / User
(Total $1,462.50)
$146.50 / User
(Total $732.50)
$14.50 / User
(Total $72.50)
 Up to 10 users$276.00 / User
(Total $2,760.00)
$140.00 / User
(Total $1,400.00)
$13.00 / User
(Total $130.00)
 Up to 20 users$260.00 / User
(Total $5,200.00)
$130.00 / User
(Total $2,600.00)
$12.00 / User
(Total $240.00)
 Up to 50 users$243.50 / User
(Total $12,175.00)
$123.50 / User
(Total $6,175.00)
$10.50 / User
(Total $525.00)
 Maintenance for SFA Advanced Perpetual$1,081.00IncludedIncluded
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Additional Pricing Information
• On-Premise deployment require a Server License + User License + Web User license (only if used)

• CRM Online deployments require a Server License + Web User License only if customer portal is being used + User License.

Customers can alternatively purchase yearly users subscription license instead of the perpetual user license (Partner Hosted deployments require On-Premise Licenses)

• all users must acquire license

This solution includes the following add-ons:

- Google Lookup

- Social Lookup

- PDF Generator

- Photo Integration

- Tax Calculation

- Maps

- Relationship Chart

- Visits Manager

• Includes free upgrades for future versions and standard support (email) for 1year , for more information about standard support and premium support - see Services and Support section

• FocusLive licenses can only function if the end client has standard MS CRM licenses. These licenses can also be acquired via Prodware (independently or bundled with the FocusLive solutions)

• The pricing doesn't include installation and implementation costs

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