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The FocusLive PSA solution offers a series of tools to plan, monitor, visualize, evaluate and charge your projects. All these features improve the daily mission of the project managers.
FocusLive PSA gives an overview of the activity of your company...

All those tools can be adapted according to the project and your working methods.

• Project, Phase and Task Management.

• Contract Management.

• Planning.

• Employee Assignment Management.

•Timesheet and Expense Management.

•Close Month Process.

• Invoicing.

• Risk Management and Revenue Recognition.

• Employee Portal.

• Timesheet and Expense registration integrated with Outlook.

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Additional Terms
Perpetual Annual Subscription Monthly Subscription 
 Server for Professional Services Automation Perpetual$4,543.50IncludedIncluded
 Up to 5 users$584.50 / User
(Total $2,922.50)
$292.50 / User
(Total $1,462.50)
$27.50 / User
(Total $137.50)
 Up to 10 users$552.00 / User
(Total $5,520.00)
$279.50 / User
(Total $2,795.00)
$26.00 / User
(Total $260.00)
 Up to 20 users$519.50 / User
(Total $10,390.00)
$260.00 / User
(Total $5,200.00)
$25.00 / User
(Total $500.00)
 Up to 50 users$487.00 / User
(Total $24,350.00)
$247.00 / User
(Total $12,350.00)
$23.50 / User
(Total $1,175.00)
 Maintenance for Professional Services Automation Perpetual$1,344.00IncludedIncluded
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Additional Pricing Information
• On-Premise deployment require a Server License + User License + Web User license (only if used)

• CRM Online deployments require a Server License + Web User License only if customer portal is being used + User License.

Customers can alternatively purchase yearly users subscription license instead of the perpetual user license (Partner Hosted deployments require On-Premise Licenses)

• Only Professional Services Automation Users must acquire license (not all users)

• Includes free upgrades for future versions and standard support (email) for 1year , for more information about standard support and premium support - see Services and Support section

• FocusLive licenses can only function if the end client has standard MS CRM licenses. These licenses can also be acquired via Prodware (independently or bundled with the FocusLive solutions)

• The pricing doesn't include installation and implementation costs

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