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Focus Live Auto Naming add-on allows you to easily create rules which defines the name of any newly created record by concatenating values of the record's fields in the name attribute.

• Easily configure CRM default "name" fields to automatically have a meaningful name based on record information.

• Concatenate the name field based on up to 6 different fields.

• Define the order of concatenation fields to have the best fit for your needs.

• Define prefix and postfix for each field.

• Define your settings using friendly user interface.

• Updates can be triggered when you create or update the record or both.

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Perpetual Annual Subscription Monthly Subscription 
 Up to 5 Users$58.50 / User
(Total $292.50)
$29.50 / User
(Total $147.50)
$5.50 / User
(Total $27.50)
 Up to 10 Users$55.50 / User
(Total $555.00)
$28.00 / User
(Total $280.00)
$4.00 / User
(Total $40.00)
 Up to 20 Users$52.00 / User
(Total $1,040.00)
$26.00 / User
(Total $520.00)
$3.00 / User
(Total $60.00)
 Up to 50 Users$49.00 / User
(Total $2,450.00)
$25.00 / User
(Total $1,250.00)
$1.50 / User
(Total $75.00)
 Unlimited Users$5,192.50$2,596.50$247.00
 Maintenance for Auto Naming Perpetual$935.00IncludedIncluded
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Additional Pricing Information
• Minimum 5 Users

• All Users must acquire license

• Includes free upgrades for future versions and standard support (email) for 1 year , for more information about standard support and premium support - see Services and Support section

• FocusLive licenses can only function if the end client has standard MS CRM licenses. These licenses can also be acquired via Prodware (independently or bundled with the FocusLive solutions)

• The pricing doesn't include installation and implementation costs

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